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I am passionate about my career and believe 
I shine the most when I am given the opportunity 
to be creative.  I hope that my business will become known 
as the place where eastern & western design culture meet 
and create a beautiful coexistence.  DZ continually supports 
on-going education for personal growth of our employees.  
This also enables DZ to keep on top of the current trends 
which allows us to be one step further ahead than 
everyone else in the industry.
Hair Manicure  Color painting technique used to change the entire
 look of your hair.  Enhances your style to keep up 
with fashion & make-up trends
aha - Maximum color forming power enhancement which allows the color tone
   to absorb completely into the hair layers.
- Deeply conditions the hair as it absorbs the acid color.
UV blocker -Prevents hair against fading or discoloring by UV or sunlight.
-Enhances color persistence
Botanical protein - Botanical protein very similar to hair cuticle protein protects from hair damage.
- Keep healthy and elastic hair by coating and treatment effect
Hair protein element-Supply hair with luster and moisture
Botanical anti-inflammation -Containing protective element for inflammation and allergy and also 
 relaxation element for scalp irritation and perhaps scalp trouble.
Mucota Clinic The most popular and the best hair clinic product 
   used by many celebrities.
   The quickest recovery solution for your damaged hair
 Digital perm, which uses heat generated by 
electricity, gives long-lasting natural and healthy curls.
Most effectively, Digital Perm is a very convenient 
type of perm that minimizes the damage to your hair 
by customizing the temperature depending on 
each customer’s hair type. Digital Permis also 
known as ‘Lovely Perm’ as it gives you natural 
and lovely look by customized trendy design.
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